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Hello, welcome to my blog. I created this blog as I am preparing to leave to Panama for the next 27 months. I will be serving as a Sustainable Agriculture Systems Extension Agent. I will try to keep my blog as updated as possible. Come Visit and Stay tuned so that I can share this experience with you.

Hola, Bienvenidos a mi Blog. Me estoy preparando para ir a Panamá los próximos 27 meses. Voy a estar sirviendo como agente de Sistemas sostenibles de Agricultura. Tratare de mantener este blog lo más actualizado posible. Vénganme a visitar. Manténgase informados con mi blog para que pueda compartir estas experiencias con ustedes.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running for my sanity...

So after being here for a couple weeks in a big group, tensions are starting to run a little high, personalities are starting to clash, and people are opening up more.
Everybody copes differently...some quiet down, others retreat from the group to read, others vent to eachother, others play hacky sack...and I ....I just go run!

Just when i think i shouldn´t get up to run before training cause im exhausted and I know i have to carry water over to bucket shower from across the street and be ready for class, i think of all the people all over the world that are getting up and going for a morning run; in chicago, downtown austin, along the coast in cali, in central park NY, along the beach in south beach, at tropical park in south miami, in gainesville, in tallahassee, along las ramblas in barcelona, sightseeing jog in paris, around the coleseum in rome....and i get up a go...=)
As im running up and down the hills of santa clara, i think of a million reasons why i should just stop and walk: im exhausted, the hill looks like a straight wall in front of me, it is seemingly never ending, no one is watching, i´m not training for anything specific, my stomach hurts.....
and then I start hereing voices like a crazy saying KICK KID, my dad saying ¨dale mama tu puedes¨, My mom saying ¨corre!!¨ and peter saying run ma...u gonna let a normie beat

Even if people think im still is my time to think...and just be! I wonder what all of you are doing at 5:45 in the morning and sometimes I wonder how im gonna get through this. But I always finish my runs and know that tomorrow i´ll try going a little longer, and hope that tomorrow i`ll feel a little better, maybe even a little stronger.....I hope that will translate to my work and attitude towards the PC.

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  1. It is such a great thing to have your way to vent. But pick something else, so I don't have to train so hard to beat you ;)