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Hello, welcome to my blog. I created this blog as I am preparing to leave to Panama for the next 27 months. I will be serving as a Sustainable Agriculture Systems Extension Agent. I will try to keep my blog as updated as possible. Come Visit and Stay tuned so that I can share this experience with you.

Hola, Bienvenidos a mi Blog. Me estoy preparando para ir a Panamá los próximos 27 meses. Voy a estar sirviendo como agente de Sistemas sostenibles de Agricultura. Tratare de mantener este blog lo más actualizado posible. Vénganme a visitar. Manténgase informados con mi blog para que pueda compartir estas experiencias con ustedes.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Importnant Information

I updated the side columns with my address and some phone numbers.
If I call you PICK UP!!! It's LONG DISTANCE!

Written Communication:

  • Mail in Panama isn't as efficient as in the US; It can take from 10 days to more than a month for mail coming from Panama City to arrive in the US via the Panama Postal System. From my site (where i'll be for 2 years) it can take 1-2 months...HAHA funny right.
  • Try numbering the letters so that I know if I've missed one.
  • Post cards should be sent in envelopes
  • PLEASE make copies of the letters you send incase I don't get them...I do want to read them one day =)

Sending mail:

  • Care packages are nice but it can be frustrating due to the high incidence of theft and heavy customs taxes. There is no guarantee that the items will arrive.
  • It is recommended to send padded envelopes!

Telephone Calls:

  • Phone service in Panama is relatively good and service in and out of Panama to the US is mostly reliable
  • During training, I will have scarce access to email and host families will not have phones... BUT don't worry, I WILL TRY TO CALL AS OFTEN AS I CAN!
  • During my service, acess to phone and email will be different, so I will update you on that as time goes by.

Emergency Info:

  • Office Phone number: 011-507-317-3300
  • General Emercency: 011-507-6676-3131
  • Medical Emergency: 011-507-6671-2547
  • US Embassy (only in case of an emergency): 011-507-207-7000

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