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Hello, welcome to my blog. I created this blog as I am preparing to leave to Panama for the next 27 months. I will be serving as a Sustainable Agriculture Systems Extension Agent. I will try to keep my blog as updated as possible. Come Visit and Stay tuned so that I can share this experience with you.

Hola, Bienvenidos a mi Blog. Me estoy preparando para ir a Panamá los próximos 27 meses. Voy a estar sirviendo como agente de Sistemas sostenibles de Agricultura. Tratare de mantener este blog lo más actualizado posible. Vénganme a visitar. Manténgase informados con mi blog para que pueda compartir estas experiencias con ustedes.


Friday, April 24, 2009


Today was a beautiful DAY!! It started with a nice 40 minute stroll through Cuidad del Saber.The whole color palette was visible today from blues, to fuchsias to greens to whites.
Breakfast was pancakes, eggs, cheese, and fruit! Then I had meeting all morning and afternoon so I am drained and my arms hurt cause I had 2 shot today: yellow fever and Hep A1.

I am really excited about tomorrow. At 6:30am we leave our site to visit a PCV's site. We are gonna get down and dirty in RICE fields! Im wearing my jeans with my mutlitool on my belt, my hiking shoes, and i still havn't decided on the VEST....we will see in what mood i wake up tomorrow!!

Food for thought for the day:
So many times, our desire to do good and help others impairs our judgment. How do you determine is your help is actually beneficial to someone else or if infact you are causing them more harm? This is a problem that I am going to be contronted with throughout my time here in Panama. I don't know the answer but I plan on finding out.

Goodnight friends and family...i miss you all.
PS I have started reading some notes from my notebook. They make me so happy as i imagine each of your voices as i read the words.


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