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Hello, welcome to my blog. I created this blog as I am preparing to leave to Panama for the next 27 months. I will be serving as a Sustainable Agriculture Systems Extension Agent. I will try to keep my blog as updated as possible. Come Visit and Stay tuned so that I can share this experience with you.

Hola, Bienvenidos a mi Blog. Me estoy preparando para ir a Panamá los próximos 27 meses. Voy a estar sirviendo como agente de Sistemas sostenibles de Agricultura. Tratare de mantener este blog lo más actualizado posible. Vénganme a visitar. Manténgase informados con mi blog para que pueda compartir estas experiencias con ustedes.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mi primer dia en el CAMPO!!

So if you are wondering how my Saturday went, YOU WON'T BELIEVE!
By 6:30 We were driving over to Chorrera (about 1 hour from where we are staying right now). 10 of us squished into a little white van. First cool thing on the trip was crossing over the "Puente Centenario".
I was tired but i didn't want to fall asleep cause I just wanted to see everything there was to see. As we got further and further from the city, the mountains and the countryside became more beautiful and filled with cows and horses and goats. So much so that we actually had a road block of cows!!By 8 we had arrived at Stephanie's Site. A little boy greated us at the front. When I got out of the car, all my senses were attacked. It smelled SOO different. It smelled GREAT! It smelled like smelled like sancocho!
We walked around the whole farm through little trails, over creeks on these little bridges that weren't really doing much. I got to eat mandarina, naraja, tamarindo, mamey. (all of which i cut with my cool multitool!) I cut my finger a little by the way...ooopps =)I got to play with chickens, goats, and most especially I GOT TO RIDE A HORSE!!At Lunch we ate sancocho! with freshly squeezed orange juice...i cant explain how good it was. I took a little nap under a tree for about 20minutes. BEST nap ever. After that great power nap. It was time to get DIRTY.
We took our shoes off and got into a pool of mudd.
  1. we stomped all over for 10 minutes
  2. then we got out and pulled out some rice seedlings from the rice bed in the parcel to the right of the mudd pit
  3. then we came back to the mudd put and spread the organic fertilizer (made at the farm) out around the mudd.
  4. then we lined up a string from one end to the other and started planting the rice seedlings that we had pulled out of the other bed.

  5. In the Picture above, you can't really see it but I CAUGHT my first FISH!! I was so happy. Rice in my right and fish in my left!!
It was a slow tedious process but I had a great time.Surprisingly, i didn't get that dirty =)
We washed up at the creek and walked back to Stephanie's house (1 mile). We we got there we got Pina was delicious!! and it was COLD! We did a little activity with groups and we headed home.
on the way home we stopped at a shop and GOT: A MACHETE and BOOTS!!!Now i'm the real deal. I even have a sharpener for my machete!
(boots are in the the red BAG...and I had was delicious!)

Tomorrow we leave to Santa Clara (a little town) where we will be training for the next 10 weeks. I will be moving in with a HOST family. From what i have heard, these families will not have phones and I don't know how far I will have to travel for internet either. =(
As soon as i can i will put up my next post. At Santa Clara we will be getting Language training and technical training. I am excited to see what we will be doing and learning. Today after dinner i had to take a Malaria Pill (which I am going to have to take once a week for the remainder of my trip here in Panama). Im a little scared cause one of the sideffects of these pills is crazy nightmares...I guess we will see how tonight goes.

I miss you all and hope you are enjoying these little snapshots of my life NOW....

What i find amazing is how these people don't care to leave more than 20miles from their house. They grow their own food, live with the people they love, and know how to love their life. Why do we, who apparently have it all, find ourselves always looking for something more, something else to make us happy?



  1. You're going non-stop! Good thing you have experience pacing yourself.

    That last segment of your entry is a glaring invitation for the PHILOSOPHER to chime in:

    Happiness is found in the little things. We, who seemingly have more, are impoverished by our lack of perspective. However, to be fair, there is something to be said about what these people don't know. Their world is a microcosm of ours and perhaps "ignorance really is bliss" when the knowledge that escapes them would only serve to enhance covetousness.

    There are answers all around us. Blessed be your quest for truth.

    Jonathan Mederos

  2. Ahhhh exciting!! I read everything and looked at all your pictures. It's seriously, the simple life. You look really happy and really pretty, even with the dirt. haha. Oh and that fish you what a big one. Was that a 6 footer? haha jk...congratulations. I love you and miss you and will be waiting for your next post. - Ang or how you spell it "Ange"